stretch fabric paradise

fabric 1Aviary Photo_130618009954279870I can’t help repeating my favorite pattern ” Hooded Shirt” from “Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics”. Month ago I made a visit to a stretch fabric alley in Bangkok call Soi Wat Son. The whole alley line up with stretch fabric shops. Wow so cool, you can find all kinds of stretch fabric which mostly sell by weight(Kilogram). I didn’t have much time to enjoy since it was just an hour break before my meeting.  I checked in only one shop which caries lots of imported from Japan , Korea and also local made.  You can find lots of cool stretch in the price around 180 baht/meter which is around 5.5 $/meter. All stretch that I have bought are a combination of either cotton, linen and spandex. I have lots of nice patterns for stretch. Cool stretch can make a big different for simple 2 shop 31 3 Aviary Photo_130616681720357645