green eyelet

Aviary Photo_130726370258524563Finally, I finished this green eyelet blouse, after have bought this eyelet piece for a year.  I have been searching for stretch velvet and finally got one similar.

This pattern came from “She Got The Mannish Style” another nice pattern from this book. Actually I haven’t been disappointed.  Most of them turn out to be so cool and comfort.

Although I could not understand any words written in there, the illustrations are clear enough to guide me through.

I love eyelet fabric, I use to think that it suits for certain style and give a vintage look but for this pattern it gives a casual and contemporary looks.

The tricky part that I could not do it well is the bottom part of the neck where I have to sew 2 outside and inside fabric together and turn at 360 degrees.  Aviary Photo_130726370478281523Aviary Photo_130726370620882762Aviary Photo_130726370925244976