dress for summer

Aviary Photo_130754069005770279 Aviary Photo_130770345868443769“Dress for summer” It is getting hotter and hotter these days,  Bangkok can reach over 40 degrees.  It’s time for linen and cotton, have to say goodbye to jeans and stretch pants for a while.  Breezy fabric together with loose-fit pattern should be able to handle this dreadful weather.

I have bought this Japanese pattern book month ago because of its cool models and photographs. These cool family make me believe that these patterns are cool and it was a right choice.

Aviary Photo_130770375348747528

Aviary Photo_130770375209924949

The idea came from transforming KIMONO.  The patterns come from mostly simple rectangular pieces put together to make easy to wear pants.  I have no KIMONO to transform there for I use piece of Batik Sarong instead.  Good thing for these pattern besides their simplicity is they create no waste.  It is the concept of most traditional Japanese out fit, mostly came from rectangular piece of fabrics.

I could not read any Japanese,  the illustration is good enough to follow except one thing.  They gave the dimension for the width of main fabric piece as “Z” with key explanation in  Japanese that I had no clue.  I just try and error and got the right dimension for my size.

It turns out quite right for our weather sarong batik with stretchy waist make a good combination for breezy pants.

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