my duplicated ZARA

Aviary Photo_1307703421559178157385011250_2_1_1

I love this ZARA white Poplin shirt at the first sight.  I bought it right away.  It only came in white which to me will never last long.

I start to copy the pattern by laying the shirt on to the pattern paper and use the pin poking the dot transferring the out line on to the pattern paper piece by piece.     I have got this grey oxford fabric for years which make a good fake ZARA shirt.

I always have problem matching collar length to the body, so what I have learned is to cut the collar at last giving a chance to adjust the length to make a perfect match and this time I have to increase 3 cm. from the original,  I have no idea why.

The fabric that I use is much thicker than the original which make it looks much thick and heavy.  I didn’t do that well on the collar and button line.  I will try to improve next time.

Now I have my fake ZARA pattern which allow me to make as many colors as I wish. Sorry ZARA!  Aviary Photo_130770342796905762Aviary Photo_130770341390861775